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Name is Daniel Martinez Welhaven-Overaae. Born in Hamar, Norway in 1983. This website pretty much quite sums all the things I`m interested in, well the blog post wil sometime vary. I spend most of my time with my family. I`m a family father of two kids, and husband to my lovely wife. We`re living in Norway wich is such a great country for the outdoors. I usually spend time working as profesional certified career advisor, or of course Im out in the great outdoors.


Before this, I used to work for the goverment at the Vinmonopolet for the longest time, I was also very active in the armed forces during that same time.

From an academical HR point of view my interesst can be categorized as Enterprising (E.) for the most, also Investigating (I.) and lastly, Social (S). You may wonder what all this mean? It is a scientifically proven theory, called the Riasec theory from John Holland, and wich such determines what my personality can find interesting and what I should be doing in my life. Those three letters (E.I.S) have driven me in many directions, such as been active in politics, interesst in the armed forces, space industry, science, wine, spirits knowlegde, the outdoors, nature, music, videography and working with Human Relations. Is a mix of score of an E.I.S.

Also my score as an E.I.S in combination with INTP, wich is my personality score or preference score as I would rather pronounce it, defines in an objetive who I really am. And then I know from other perspective what my strengh and weakness are. The INTP is one of 16 personality types based on Myers-Briggs and Jungs MBTI studies.  Combining Riasec theory and Jungs you have Vip24, wich is the advisor tool Im certifed is as a profesional. Vip24 is based on positive psychology and it have helped me in alot of ways. Vip24 is very accurate. You may have heard of Ocean, or the Big 5 perhaps Disa or Disk? Well its quite the opposite due it tends to be to subjective and not good enugh at a whole. MBTI is more popular, though also sometimes very often also misinterpreted where people make it to subjective. MBTI and RIASEC is kinda a chart where you see how people may express emotions and beeing different. It helps not only you, but also to comunicate with people in a good way at personal and profesionall point of view.  So it has helped me understand people in a very good way. Of course how to work with people better. And if you have problems many dont really know how to fix where they are "stuck" in their personal or working life. MBTI kinda figure out yourself and others and how to achive the factor that could be a "problem".


Anyway, my scores rather explain, sort out my life in a good way. Reason my score is E.I.S and INTP is mostly because of many different factors that have grown with me in my life. Actually I have made a biography video about me:

My love for the outdoors have been there with me a long time, but even more the urge to explore and learn about new things. Since I was a little boy grown up in the volcanic landscape and national park of Timanfaya in Spain, to the green woods of my birth country Norway. Living in two cultures has difined me that people live in differnt enviroments, but still living in the same world. I have always been very intuitive, but over the years grown more Intuitive, logician. The outdoors also opens for deep reflection. It is easy for people to live in the moment where there are, but most arent or dosent use intuition that much. It kinda because we get used to where we at, and nature pause its all, and sometimes scares people because their want but triggers to stay away in fear. Beeing in the nature is the safest place to be tough you most respect it and add some precautions. Take diving for example, its a great way to experience nature and where all life started up close, tough you have to learn to dive. Learn to dive is to relax in a different enviroment that we evolved from millions of years ago. And while it was easy for me to jump to water and learn, my wife is still not convinced at all, problaby until she can get used to the tought that it not dangerous after all. My mother think the same way, then she tried, but this just one of many examples where Intuition versus scencing should be balansed, as it is for me as well. So because Im 60 % intuitive I tend to live more in the moment, with an overview effect. Instead of beeing in the moment, without it.


What does it means? Well that effect closest thing to explain it is what astronauts sometimes tell us after their missions. Looking back, and experience the blue marble were all livings things come from in such a big universe. Others leaders may call it the helicopter or bird view from above and beeing aware things that people dont actually hear or see. Maybe they just have heard or seen before, and remember it. I hope though more people realize that effect in the future, so more people can focus all scence whey they are, without worring. Like in this very moment as Im writing I realized now my coffee just went cold... :) Just and example !

But beeing much in the outdoors dosent hide the fact that Im actually a business man. Enterpricing is the biggest interest and score I have. Thats why there some business involved in almost everything you see I do. After I was a seller and professional on spirits at Vinmonopolet, I also became a sjt in the armed forces. Then I was elected at a municipal council, have started my own band and alone. I worked as a Chief Business Developer Officer and CEO of own companies. Today my YouTube Channel is my businness, Wild and Survival my trademark, me and my wife developing our own protein bar you can buy at the store and even holding courses at as a certifed career advisor.

Space kinda exites me as well, and today most of the political interest in me is focused on the space industry. What many dont really realize how much of todays society infrastructure, is relying on space industry... I dont actually think it will be long where we as a human kind start to explore and settle other places than in our precious earth. As a career advisor and the mentioned RIASEC theory and I see that customers and me often get the choise to become astronauts, but problaby dont tend to follow that path due to the risk and difficult on traveling to a space. More on this later...

Wild and Survival as a name came quite random actually. Its mostly a channel where I make outdoors related videoes. It could be overnights, gear review, videography, sometimes space and HR, backpacking, packrafting, bushcrafting, hunting, fishing yeah you name it! I also have a restricted channel where all my hunting videoes are. My definition of survival may be different from yours, where I think we survive everyday and every second in our way. To be in a house, buying food at the store is our evolution as a human race where house gives us shelter and store gives us food some other have gather and prepare for you. Knowing how to survive in the outdoors when something happend, is however important as well. Spieces in this world all have same DNA chain at start, but then it evolve in a different way. This is very important to know. To hunt for me is then as natural, as for the Venus plant to eat meat. Buying food at the store is also a very natural thing to do, though is important to respec those who choose to become vegetarian and have their point of view. But yeah over population is worring me alot lately, where there is not time to be pessimist, and I do think the only way to brake over population is to open space more, before the world becomes a very difficult place for all to survive on! Space may have the answer to fix our world...

It may not have nothing to do with the channel, but I used to be an instructor for 8 years in the army, so for that case or job I studied science quite a lot, from the very small to the very big. In combination with beeing a active as a politician it kinda changed me over the years. And it gives the channel a personality though you mostly see me spending time outdoors just enjoying life for the most. Some times i share reflection and adventures in the wild is precious not only for my viewers but also for me or family when I grow old.

I apreciate you reading and taking your time with me and my thoughts. I would be happy if you also are interessted in subcribing to my channels. There is more content as well if you join as a patron. Many thanks!

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