Dera  Norway Server was created 4 may 2020, after spending 1000 hours of gameplay on a similar server, but who lacked server administration when you needed, and began to have high pings I decided to become a server owner, and made one of my Rust gameplay friends to admin so we can keep it going. Dera is now registred and patented, and goes by under the wildandsurvival registred trademark.

What is Rust? Rust despite its old reviews, its one of the best survival games ever made out there, Tough its hard to survive in Rust, you need a good server to learn the game so you can at least use all the skills you can do in Rust.



Server Description:


Active admins specially on updates. Blueprint wipes every dev. updates and on time. Wipe every second week. Rules: 1. Have a Good chat/voice tone. 2. Help new players (optional, but you will be noticed if you are and maybe rewarded). 3. You can be more than 3 in a team, but not roam more than three. 4. Abuse will be kicked, eventually banned if rules are not hold.  5. Don`t block someones base and leave (griefing).


Examples: Rule 5: To take over someones main base is ok. To raid a base and leave its ok. To take over someones oven/furnace base its also ok. But to take part of their only base, with purpose of total traping and then leaving, its not allowed. If the one raided can leave with their stuff without suicide, its not griefing. If youre the one raiding either you complete the raid, or you dont complete the raid without total traping. However this rules came trough on others server mostly beause totaltrapping on main base can ruin the gameplay for large groups of players. Trap bases made by one to trap persons weho go to it, is not the same and that is allowed. Remember admin can rewind and spectate if needed.


Rule 4: Avoiding rules, get monitored every now and then by several moderators or people who holding an eye for moderator/admin so you dont abuse, this includes admins. If there is a "conflict" we will try to sort it out, if not get a warining, if that warning is not heard, then kick, if that kick is not enough, timed ban, and eventually a permanent ban. Cheating is mostly taken by the Server automatically, but if there is suspect on somebody cheating or abusing it will be documented, and reported to in game and developers cheater report, wich is then invistigated and coded to avoid future cheaters.


Rule3. In Rust it is very tipical that a team leader someone more than others tend to invite different people, or where the team`s tactic can change in game over a period of time. This happends in real life as well in many places, so there is partly none rules for who want to allied or team up or turn down on people. Tough it would be unfair if your friends of lets say five in team raid a solo or a duo... So you can be more than 3 in a team, but not roam more than four. That includes monument, locked crates, Blackhawk, Cargo, Raid, Deffending a raid. ect. Its about balancing the game. Admin tend sometime to record in game, so we can rewind the game to find out if a group is roaming. Then a warning to the whole team is given.

Rule 2: You can get killed or raided as a new player, its Rust so they have to learn it the hard way. But those who helps a new player may get you a reward, but it dosent mean you two are safe as a noob or as a mentor. When that said. there is a better chance to stay alive and get new friends here than in bigger servers. And suddently you spent 1000 hours or so playing with or agaisnt each other. This dosent happend often in other games, remember that.

Rule 1: People in Rust tend to be toxic, and we can tolerate most of it. Even if you are born an ass. But please dont destroy the chat or, you can also get quickly muted at first. Try not to take things to personal, or share personal stuff that could get trolled. and try not to troll down a person.




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Dera Server is a registred and patented Server wich takes alot of ressources and time. Now and then we make events and videoes for the community. We would be thankfull if you support the Server, with PayPal support.