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El Camino de santiago 2023


I was raised in both Norway and Spain, and since I was a little boy and frequently visiting Galicia and the town Muros wich is 15 minutes from El Cabo de Finisterre (The End Of The World). Muros is the home of my step father, Lalo. My first visit to Santiago de Compostella was  in 1989, and I recall it as a very a memorable visit. It was a mystical and kinda of a scary place due to the old cathedral I got to learn about the piligrims back then too, walking a long way, where the cathedral was one of their ending points, apart from Finisterre. I also remember getting scared by a puppetier having show for money, in the streets too, it scared me a bit for sure. And it was funny because they took a picture of me having a toy camera, wich little did I know this was ment to be my future too.


My Family told me that doing this type of Piligrimage, was for religion purpouses, but to this days El Camino has become more and more popular among other persons too. More than 350.000 trekkers walk el Camino each Years, and ever since the 9th Cenury after King Alfonso II de Asturias walked to Santiago de Compostela.


I remember I saw one piligrim walking on a asphalty road. I looked back from the back of a car seeing that he looked bit tired and surely dirty with long beard hair and poor shoes. It surely look like he was in pain too. And modern hiking gear was surely not a thing back in those days. Surely he like a religious person, close to some kind of a Jesus. It was funny though because I bought a camera toy, wich I was using to explore the city og Santiago.

Choosing our El Camino:

It was surely after the Across Norway planning started that I asked too my mum and stepfather if maybe he wanted to do El Camino de Santiago. Surprised on the fast answer he replied that he wanted to come, and we agree too on wich el Camino we should walk to. And it is special since Lalo, is basically born in Galicia and actually he wanted once to become a munk, before becoming an electrician. We kinda laugh a bit of that to this day, but nevertheless Im also happy that he wanted to join because me and Lalo have done some adventures togheter too, and this will problaby be a bit different from the others, well it might also give us some memories togheter. 


Two years after deciding to walk El Camino surely passes fast. And this is a important reasons I think many walk El Camino for too. One day it might be to late to walk el camino, specially if its been on your mind for a long time. And surely this walk is one of a kind, and very popular too. The French Way, or El Camino Frances is problaby the most popular route for the El Camino, but the good thing about walking El Camino is that basically piligrimage starts from your front door, or where you want, as long its at least 110 km before Santiago de Compostela to get the Compostela or Certificate for accomplish the Camino. 

But we choosed the Camino Primitivo, or the First Piligrimage ever known of. From Oviedo to Santiago de Compostela. This is for me the original way of doing el camino, and wich I look forward the most, both due to the history behind it where I also based my documentary adventure on YouTube, and the route wich also has more beautyfull nature, apparently. And so even though its not 800 km long, but more or less the half of el Camino Frances, this route is also the most challenging to walk mostly due to the hills. The rest of our family will be waiting in Muros close to Finisterre, and so we have at least 12-14 days to complete the walk to Santiago at least. And it might be that two other close family members might decide to join too. The cool thing too is that we know the language and culture. And as well the food we can get, so having Lalo and maybe others to join is will surely be an experience Im looking forward for.















Preparing for El Camino:

By the time I started preparing for the Across Norway Thru-hike, I also started preparing for El Camino, and so to be clear on the gear part is that basically you can finnish El Camino with whatever gear you posess or gear that work for you. For the Across Norway thru-hike however I carried 14 kgs, with a tent, and full sleeping setup, products that surely its not necessary for El Camino. So a lot of this gear would be set aside, and some with also come with me on El Camino. 

The Shell was a fun part, where it supposed to come to you, so you dont need to buy it as a souvenir. I was actually though buying scallops for eating, so I though maybe I could use one of the two shells for my El Camino, and so I could paint them. But I wasent exactly super satisfied woth what I bought. But when I was about to leave the sea food store, the owner came to me if I was looking for more shells, where I replied that I dont basically need more now that I bought a couple of scallops. But what happend is that she handed to me the best looking one too, so I recalled that say that the shell is supposed to come to you, and so it kinda did so I was super satisfied on my paint job as well, wich is based on why I want to go el camino, wich is kinda of a "secret" I will leave for you to watch my video to find out.

Regarding the pack, well some might know me. And the fact that I like to try new things, and surely I came across a backpack that was a little smaller and even lighter than my Hyperlite 4400 80 liters backpack I used for Across Norway and 4 season backpacking,, But for el Camino I will use the Nashville Cutaway. 


 I spended loads of time, checking out all the packs out there and all from Z-pack, to Hilltoppacks (wich I almost bought), P`lante, Gossamear gear, Waymark packs ect. A lot of great ultralight packs, that surely would do the same goodness for my El Camino or Ultralight Backpacking. 

But this was one that stood out, and in that was the fact that I could customize it (wich my favorite colors Blaze orange / black, and features). The Cutaway selling point for me was surely the running vest strap stile, wich is much more comfortable than for example all of my previous packs. So I bought another DCF or Dyneema highly water resistent pack. Compared to my old Para Ranger 125 liters expedition backpack that also used in the army, wich wasent waterproof or resistent at all are these types of packs a whole different story. And from the Hyperlite 80 liter, is just smaller to fit most of my needs and extras for a comfortable El Camino. So sure it will be comfortable, and like I said you dont need this kind of packs, but you have to keep in mind that Im a professional hiker and outdoors man. So I will use this a lot in the future. And in order to get this gear and to stay as minimalist as possible, I too had to sell gear to get this. 

Like i did with my wife on Across Norway, Im too handing over some tips for Lalo as well, but basically as we speak both are practically ready for El Camino. I say most important though will be our footwhere and where I will wear Xero Sandals, and Altra Olympus 4, Lalo will use Hookas Speedgoat, and the Goosamer Gorilla Backpack to see the difference. Lalo is pretty well trained as well, as he swims and run a lot compared to me, but I dont think he ever went on this type of a long distance hike either. And for me to it will be the longest. 

I will be sponsored for this trip too, and believe it or not I will be taking a NorTent Extreme Tarp so we can take break from the sun, take a siesta or break from rain for a little cup of coffee. The Nortent Extreme weights 290 gram ! and it takes no space or weight on your bag. And surely it might be a too a potential Stealth Shelter for el Camino if the Albergues are full. It surely saved me before from hypothermia!


Speaking about coffee I recently teamed up with Plane Coffee, wich I contacted since I got to try one of their tea premium coffee bags, so they are problaby the greatest instant coffee you can get, and the best part is you get a lot of coffee for one bag on the go. Perfect for El Camino. 

Hydration will also be necesary for me and Lalo, so LMNT Drinks are sending us sample of electrolytes for the longest hikes days of 30-40 kms. The science in these drinks are simple it recovers your muscles, it keeps you hidrated, and going. The drinks contain just the right amount of Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium that are normally lost when you are active, and sweat a lot. In Spain its surely gonna be hot, so having different flavours to choose from will be fantastic.

The last of our sponsor is one who contacted me. They asked me if I wanted to try their waterproof socks, wich I was thankfull too, In our Across Norway Expedition we allready had some socks, and they surely both surprised us and helped me and my wife hike across rainy, cold and stormfull weather up in the norwegian mountains. So when hiking with trail runners, this is apparently a saviour to avoid getting cold feet or even trench feet. Randy Sun Socks, however are more fitted than the other pairs I have tested, so if it rains or I have river crossings on el Camino I will wear these pair. I also have a discount code for you You will get 2 pair 10 % off if you use the code DANIEL at!

You can also find a full list of my gear from a lighterpack link below.


El Camino Documentary Video:

So I will be carrying the same camera gear that I used for Across Norway, and the Annarjohka Expedition Trip. The only exeption is a new drone DJI Mini Pro 3, wich is a fabulous drone. In the Across Norway though I had some severe rain and windy weather Im hoping not to get this time. On that trip I barely used my mirrorless camera due to constant rain too, but hopefully I get to use my G9 more now, it is after all Spain. In Galicia it can too get wet, but Im hoping that it will not rain as much as it did on Across Norway otherwise, I will problaby need to pack my big camera and drone again. and use the reserve Osmo Pocket 2 under the umbrella.


The Goal of el Camino and my purpouse or Lalos is kept also as a secret that you will problaby know from our video, however I allways post all of this information for you to read or get inspired. Everyones reason will problaby be different, or maybe the same. Religious or not, but for me it surely will be nice to record this and keep it as a memory I can also look back to for the rest of my life. So if you finally decide to walk your Elcamino there is only one thing to say for me: 



My Alltrails GPS route for El Camino Primitivo:

The Camino Gear Video and BreathingTraining Tips: 


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