Im a adventurous nerd, and nerds need gear. Also you will problaby wont survive long, or will not document your "death" if you dont own some gear. No really, but Im a big fan of actually using what I have, if not I try to sell it quite quickly. My gear is devided is different categories. For this section I will mention some honorably products starting with photography gear, and then outdoors gear. This site function as a recomendation for those who want tips though I get often lots of questions regarding gear I use. The easy way to share if by going here: 

Gear List

NOTE. This Gear is mostly given to me by my sponsors, or where they have give me a good discount due to my YouTube Channel.

I also made some expedition list and packing guide. Its a good way to keep track of things you problaby will need on longer trips. Keep in mind it is in norwegian:

Anarjohka Expedition List (Summer)

Olympus 45mm Portrait lens (Prime lens)


This is one of my firth lenses, its very good for the prize. Wanted it in black, but hade to order it in silver color. This lens has an aperture f 1.8, and it gives smooths portrait and landscapes pictures with a good depth of field. Its also very good for videoes. The lens gives a bright pictures with good dynamic balanse so its easier to edit in lightroom or photoshop after. Cons is that this is a manual lens, so you need to be carefull for the focus.

This is one of my primes lenses.. You can get it on Amazon quite cheap.

Lumix Leica 25mm lens (Prime lens)


The 25 mm is the most valueable prime lens I have. I have done quite of a deep research finding the ultimate video lens, And this one simply is. It dosent have a stabilizator a little down side. Recently I put on a Gobe UV filter mostly to protect the lens, because I use this lens alot when Im filming outdoors. It has an aperture of f 1.4, so it slips in a lot of light, thats a pro thing with lenses. Best picture quality is to use a variable lens filter, with bright aperture to achive as best smooth motion picture.

This is one of my primes lenses, and you can also get this one at Amazon. You can also read a separate gobe filters review here.

V-log lenses: 7 Artisan 7,5mm Fisheye & Lumix G X  Vario 14-42 mm Power I.O.S.

Both lenses are mostly used for V-logs, or what I normally call A-roll. That is where I normally talk to the camera. The Lumix one I got second handed. It is an automatic lens, with a stabilization, zoom and focus switch. Its a good lens because it easy to film with and carry. The picture still quality is very good, though its not the one who gives me the best video results. The 7.5 mm is a cheap fish eye lens, solid build. It gives a quite good picture and where Im quite impress with the wide angle it can give without to much distortion. It also gives great astrophotography do to ss and wide angle combination. Cons is that is a manual lens. There is a separate blog post on it here.


Main Camera: Lumix G9

My family bought the GH3 camera back in 2014. Since then it has been use almost every single month or more for 5 years. The GH3 is not a full-frame DSLR, meaning that cost is dramatically reduced as well as weight and space. Also the batteri life is way better than full frames, and making Micro Thirds Fourth a perfect camera for the outdoors. The Gh3 is a excellent video camera, but it lacks detail in still pictures, and performance in low light scenery. So by 2019 I finally had the time to upgrade to G9, wich is something between the GH5 and the S1. The biggest difference is that it can take 6K & even 80 megapixel High Definition Stills. The camera films in 4k and it has some cool features such as a crazy good stabilization and som High Speed

Footage 180 fps action among other things.

Recommended outdoors gear


The Hiddenwoodsmen Dayruck

This is an 25 liters everyday medium size backpack. Whats cool about It, Is that its homemade, specially for bushcrafters or survivalist. Malcolm specially send me one to Norway for the first time. Its design is inspirated by old world war european and scout packs, but its made with modern material such as highly resistent and water proof 500d and 1000d. It has molle system so it can be expanded as a overnight or two days pack. The one I have has also been expanded with tasmanian pouches in cordura to fit equipment like first aid and the heavy cover canteen. Defenatly one of my favorites packs.

NorTent Lavvo 4 and Titan Oven

From al the tents I have ever try and slept in this is my all time favorite. Its made from silnylon making the lavvo ultralight, and very strong. It has great details such a ventialtion build. The Titan oven is a great oven that only weights 1,8 kilos, making the NorTent lavvo and oven a perfect basecamp that can be estrablish in long marching conditions. Im actually NorTents ambassador, and its such a honor due to the hight quality in the products. Check out their tents, oven and tipis here.

J4JtBTZlLXo__#NorTent #Lavvo4 #wildernes

Heavy Cover Titanium Canteen

This canteen is great in many ways. Its not only durable, its lightweight, very practical and almost doesnt take space. It comes with a under cup and its lid. The canteen can have one liter, its has both a metal lid and plastic top. Is a great survival tool because you can boil water on it, but using cord it can also warm you in a emergency and nice to wear, The under cup handle supports it selfs in fireplace and boils quickly. Its really easy to clean as well. Normally going solo you will problaby need one pot to cook, eat or boil on and this actually does the job, though it may be to small and difficult to fry on sometimes.


Solo Stove & Omnilite Ti Multifuel

Solo Stove (left picture): I would problaby wouldnt rely to much on this stove, but I still need to try it on wet conditions. But because its so light and so effency at burns its one of my favorite. The stove is easyly started and it burns twigs twice. You can move the stove by the bottom part with out burning. Solo Stove is a green stove. The Omnilite Ti (on the right) is a expedition light stove for demanding weather, its smaller and lighter than its brother Omnilight, and it can burn both gass, gasoline and kerosene. Very small multifuel and robust quality.


Kokopelli Packraft Rogue

What distinguishes Rogue from other packrafter is the floor portion that is reinforced with Kevlar. The floor area is further reinforced with V-tape on the outside. In addition, all seams are sewn and heat welded with a double layer to further enhance the quality. Furthermore, Rogue is made with urethane coated nylon, a material that is UV tolerant, durable, resistant to aging and flexible at low temperatures. Rogue also comes with innovative Leafield D7 valves and these are considered some of the most solid and secure valves on the market. Should have ordered the TZIP version though. I recently sponsored by

Fjellduken X-trem

This is one of my first choices in the outdoors. The Fjellduken from Helsport (and Jerven) have saved many life. The X-trem version of the Helpsort one has an insulation and the outerside is a layer Polyamide 75D C6 on the inside it uses 200 g of Thermaguard. Making it waterprof to 5000 mm, and great wind stopper. Its like a very good summer bag. And its very practical due to the YKK zips and ways to put it togheter as a tarp, bag, poncho or tent.


Woodlander Stainless Steel

I have tested many good knifes in my life, but none have been outstanding, though I most say you have a knife for every type of use. The knife I problaby been most happy with, was the Bushcraft and Survival Black Mora, and it to has it limitations wich I talk about in one of my videoes.. So one of my sponsors made me a custom knife, since then I been in love with it. Specs are as following: Model is a woodlander 4" classic. 4mm Rwl34 with stoncewashed finish, Desert Ironwood handle with hunter orange G10 liners. The leather is ok Orford tan Uk pit tanned leather, with a matching firesteel. Photo is taking by Ben Orford,

This page was a more detailed description of my gear, but if you are interested in finding one specific product. Check out my full gear page here: