Scuba diving and skydiving always been on my bucket list. But I didnt had the time or some money to do this sport. Things is this Parachute airport always been situated where I grew up in Tønsberg, and always been admiring the skydivers gliding an parachute when I was driving to work or school back in the days.

Skydiving is more complicated to get a license from what I have expirience, specially compared to scubadiving. But there are many things in common as well. But I will problaby make a video on that as well. Got My A license 27.10.19 though I manage to finish most othe theory before that I only need to complete checkouts and AFF jumps.

The student team and I are problaby planing on making our own skydiving team named Team Lost & Wild, actually I have make a song recently on that as well. But more on that later.

Now I will problaby only get used to jumping alone and with other people, perhaps get me a jumpsuit as well. No plans for getting a rig due it cost to much and there still alot to learn on different things. Also I my next goal will be 200 jumps so I can start filming as well and perhaps B-license. Will see.

  1. AFF 1 (unforgivable jump, first time of a plane 23/8-19)

  2. AFF 2

  3. AFF 3 (not passed, lost glasses on exit)

  4. AFF 3 (re-jump)

  5. AFF 4

  6. AFF 5

  7. AFF 7 (Passed to Level 8)

  8. AFF 8

  9. AFF 8

  10. AFF 8 First pull on 4000 feet)

  11. AFF 8

  12. AFF 8

  13. AFF 8

  14. AFF 8

  15. AFF 8

  16. AFF 8

  17. AFF 8

  18. AFF 8 (Checkout)

  19. AFF 8 (Checkout + Low Pull)

  20. AFF 8 (Checkout to A-license, jumped in another droppzone than Tønsberg Rakkestad with ICON 240 )

Some Skydiving Videoes: