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Scuba diving and skydiving always been on my bucket list. But I didnt had the time or some money to do this sport. Things is this Parachute airport always been situated where I grew up in Tønsberg, and always been admiring the skydivers gliding an parachute when I was driving to work or school back in the days.

Skydiving is more complicated to get a license from what I have expirience, specially compared to scubadiving. But there are many things in common as well. But I will problaby make a video on that as well. Got My A license 27.10.19 though I manage to finish most othe theory before that I only need to complete checkouts and AFF jumps.

The student team and I are problaby planing on making our own skydiving team named Team Lost & Wild, actually I have make a song recently on that as well. But more on that later.

Now I will problaby only get used to jumping alone and with other people, perhaps get me a jumpsuit as well. No plans for getting a rig due it cost to much and there still alot to learn on different things. Also I my next goal will be 200 jumps so I can start filming as well and perhaps B-license. Will see.

  1. AFF 1 (unforgivable jump, first time of a plane 23/8-19)

  2. AFF 2

  3. AFF 3 (not passed, lost glasses on exit)

  4. AFF 3 (re-jump)

  5. AFF 4

  6. AFF 5

  7. AFF 7 (Passed to Level 8)

  8. AFF 8

  9. AFF 8

  10. AFF 8 First pull on 4000 feet)

  11. AFF 8

  12. AFF 8

  13. AFF 8

  14. AFF 8

  15. AFF 8

  16. AFF 8

  17. AFF 8

  18. AFF 8 (Checkout)

  19. AFF 8 (Checkout + Low Pull)

  20. AFF 8 (Checkout to A-license, jumped in another droppzone than Tønsberg Rakkestad with ICON 240 )

  21. Skydive Tønsberg. Started late summer due to leg injurie. A-license jump.

  22. Skydive Tønsberg

  23. Skydive Tønsberg 

  24. Skydive Tønsberg

  25. Skydive Tønsberg

  26. Skydive Tønsberg

  27. Skydive Tønsberg

  28. Skydive Tønsberg

  29. Skydive Tønsberg

  30. Skydive Tønsberg

  31. Skydive Tønsberg

  32. Skydive Tønsberg

  33. Skydive Tønsberg

  34. Skydive Tønsberg

  35. Skydive Tønsberg

  36. Skydive Tønsberg

  37. Skydive Tønsberg

  38. Skydive Tønsberg

  39. Skydive Tønsberg

  40. Skydive Tønsberg.

  41. Skydive Tønsberg. Jumps from season of 2020 (Practising Freeflight, and improving stability)

Some Skydiving Videoes:
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