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This is a family- and NorTent event for owners who want to take their NorTent Tent/lavvo and spend two nights in Norway Nature. There will possible to have some activities and games for the kids, you can buy some waffels, and hot dogs. As well as this year patch. There will be possible to rent some Gamme provided by NorTent, and they are going to have a Giveaway on some of their product.

There as couple of rules for this area. Hurdal where the event is held is close to the National Airport of Gardemoen, so no drones are allowed.

This is a family event area usually for the scouts, so moderation is strongly encourage and we need to be calm by 23:00.

There will be restrooms there.

You as an owner of a NorTent tent, or even if you are renting one, you will need to buy your own food, and bring your own camping equipment for the Tents.

There is a small fee per person, for renting this site, but i will come back with more info on this.

If you are planing on renting a NorTent Gamme, please send Daniel an epost here:

Information about the concept:

Gamme Village started as a tradition in Japan, and then Taiwan, South Korea and China. In 2023 we are bringing this tradition to the northern parts of Scandinavia too.

The Event will be for 2 nights, from Friday to Sunday. In Norway for a Start. We are aiming to gather all the current owners of NorTent Products such as Gamme, Lavvo, Koie, Mjødhall for a camping overnights. Bring your family, your friend, your camping gear, and chill among us!

There will possible to rent a Gamme to for a couple of nights, and option to buy light food to help the administration.

We are going to build a network of campers, entusiasts of the "basecamping offgrid stile". Across Scandinavia.

Proud to be partners with: NorTent As (more to come too) 



 Stensgårdvegen 114, 2032 Maura

Date: 22. September. 2023 time. 20:00–24. Sunday September 2023 time: 12:00

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