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Altra`s trailrunners compared to Topo`s

My training for the now two! upcoming thru hikes and expeditions has been very much all about testing and training with new gear. Tohugh i was not very satisfied with the Topo Terraventure 2 on the previous post & videoes, I found the Altra Lone Peak super cheap at a norwegian outdoor store. Same time i needed to find my wife some lighter option than her leather mid size hiking shoes. And I got the Timp 3 for her with a bit more Cushion from the Lone Peak 5. Since then we have been walking like 3 or 4 day trips with the family and testing the shoes out too.

I manage to make a whole new video on it under here, but man I must say Im pretty exited on this new gear and of course my two upcoming expeditions/thruhikes! Stay tune for more incoming videos as I test and review the gear:

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