Dera Custom Map v. 2.1

Right now we are playing the v. 2.0 of a brand new map on the Server. Its been a fun map to play so far, but saddly it has been some bugs to fix and changes to made while gamers has been there. We think most of the bugs are now fixed and the map is even more balance as well. The Dera Map project took about a month to make, with the goal to spice more a regular procedual 3000k map in order to allow people to encounter PvP and loot more and raid more. I think we have accomplish this we never seen so much action on an 3000k map at start of the wipe. Though, spawn points for tier 1 are now on the new version, more spread across the map.

The PvP Arena is a small place wich has a no weapon draw at the entrance. Also filled with some loot.

"Troll tunga is a national sightseen point" what a wonderful view, just beside a norwegian waterfall. Can you spot the crate?

The Salty Saloon, has a bartender his name Bender. There is possible to buy HQM vehicle parts here as well.

The Stavkirka has almost as good loot as the dome, this needed to be totally redone due to the roof update wich made church roof invisible. Its been fixed now, Church look a bit different. But be carefull not to disturb the people resting there!

Floor of the pub has been upgraded to concrete You can even play Arcade or Rock pong there.

There is a open but hidden, submarine wreck, rumors say norwegian armed forces officier wich crashed the the fregate got a new job and crashed the sub to. The loot here is as good as the Dome monument no puzzle required.

Dera Monument located between Train and Bandit Camp. Behind rest a poor soul which didnt follow the rules.

The swamp island is a scary place to be. There is a camp with recycler.

Ring road has been improved to sorrounds all the maps monument, making having a car more usefull.

Other things on the Dera Map, Old Rust Legacy Cave some where on the map. Launchsite monument. in Andøya Space Center a rocket have crashed there before, recycler there as well. Bit closer to land rigs. Fishing Village with recycler. Mining Outpost with recycler. Island with cabin recycler. Santa RIP some place in the map. More nodes than usual in high cliff mountains.

Changes for v.2.1:

- fixed biome topology snow.

- fixed spawn points, now more spread over map

- fixed Sewer branch

- fixed icelake (hopefully). Added rock formation to balance it more. and biome. - fixed crate island, pluss added cabin to balance place - fixed biome cold blue, tundra brown

-fixed middle cave

-fixed Satellite Dish. Was a bit to low for puzzle and biome was wrong. - fixed Salty Saloon floor

- added road to launch Site. Fixed also some of the ring road dissapering in the map. - fixed minor floating objects at swamp

- fixed alpha O14, some cave issues as well -lowered old cave just a bit, adding a cristal there. And rock formations nearby. - massive stavkirka fix, roof dissapear on recent update, had to redone prefab all over again. Alpha erased nearby as well. Hopefully fixed grave as well so you actually fall trough and die. - submarine and stavkirka got one more green crate.

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