Dera Halloween Custom Map is GOLD!

I lost my internet for a week recently so i had some spare time after work recently for making our next project, since then I and some that had help been working with this map and fine tuning for a about month now. Its was more complex, and harder to make than the Dera Map, since I started from scratch with a main island and slowly adding more to fill the map. There are some Custom monuments or places made by me, others are bought for the map.

This is the main spawn point for new players, The Dera Resort. There are some NPC spawn here to, and some interesting spots like the Beach bar, a car lift in the open and some bungalows with some loot.

This is the gravel, or graveyard, in here there is a few NPC spawns guarding some of the Halloween loot, also it is a good place to gather the Halloween coffins that serve as the better choice from large storage boxes.

The Biodome is a strange place where some science where made. Recently there been some PvP raid fight in this location. Close to it is a fully working elevator leading to the Satelight Dish. In the back is a scaled down flooded Water treatment plant.

The Large Rig and Launch site has been merge togheter. We wanted a hardcore and difficult place to loot sorrounded by a artic biome on a island. It actually turned better than we thought. The Elevator though took me almost four days to get it right.

The Burial grounds or Cave Tomb, is an interresting place to visit. Very well made monument with traps and loot rooms.

There is a number of caves troughout the whole map, all them are buidable. Includes this cave channel, where a digital creatures hides in its cave.

Beware to enter the puzzle of Asylum, its a green, blue and red puzzle with good loot.

Some black humor has to go with a Halloween map.

This is the lost cabin, rumors say someone is very glad of his chainsaw.

Behind you can see the Skull Moutain, its eyes glow red in the dark, you should check it out closely.

The Dera mountain was originally made as a sight point, but a you can build there to.

We have made small video on the map as well:

Plan to turn on the map is when Facepunch and developer team activates the Halloween Event upcoming october, so come and joins us at the Dera Norway Vanilla server here:

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