Dera Scandinavia Server for Scum is now online!

Updated: Jan 26

Name: Dera Scandinavia. Active Admins. Shorter Nights. Max Cars. 2x Zombies.


Type: PvE/PvP. As close as a Vanilla can get, slightly modified.

Region: eu


1. No Mines / Traps allowed to be place inside High loot places. Roads allowed

2. Cheaters and Glitch users will be warned kick or banned from Server

3. No Toxicity.

4. Vehicles. No more than 3 cars per squad. More Cars and Zombies than usual.

5. Noob friendly, even our own Viking School!

6. Server Wipes. Every January and June. Highest score get to represent Dera in Global SCUM tournament in the future.

7. VIP Pass/Welcome Pack/Free Viking Pass

8. Rankings in game PvP Kill announcement

9. World Dera Events (happend rarely but are custom)

10. Dera Coins for welcomepacks, but very balanced.

History: Way before the Italian Christopher Columbus think he found America and wanted to make it "great", the Vikings already boarded steal and make cute kiddos in the northern part of America. Now the genes have spread trough the state of Massachusetts to the western California Love.. Strong Generations later the Vikings gain oil, and spread unwanted Norwegian brown cheese, and Sweden bad Corona strategy, sadly put all the Scandinavian vikings in the scum island. Yeah.. Every true viking deserve its proud story you scum ! You can type suggestions at the general channel. Yes you are a scum that's why we are here.


Dera is registered and Patented.

If you want to support the server you can by donating with PayPal. Thanks for your time.

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