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Updated: Jun 18

There is no joke, this game has taken more hours from me than I tought it would do. I used to be the guy who quickly got tired of games, until I tried this. Dera Server Norway is a brand new original Vanilla server for a game called Rust. Now, tough Im the owner, I decided to etablish some strict rules not to play as the admin unless some help is needed. This is what the problem is with Rust, people tend to join to crowded servers, so you dont get the chance to explore and learn this game, thats why I joined local server as well as the big ones. Eventually to this day, I started my own not tipical me.

What is Rust? Rust is a very well made and balansed Survival game, It reviews are varied, but muslty good, and the game is quite popular. I will say the game has become much much better since the recent updates, and where there is a lot of things that you can do i Rust. Perhaps you want to build bases, decor bases, fun bases, bunkers, partime farmer, musician, dive, hunt, PvP, Craft, Explore, well you can do it all in Rust.

Many say it takes time to play, but really its up to you and how you also do things in Rust. You can perfecly build a base that can withstand days without decay, and prevent raids from others, if you do it right. Other times you can play without bases, and live on others poorly made bases. Sometimes you dont even need a base. But thing is, you have many days to play and many to team up if you can.

Dera Norway is an unmodded original server. You can bet you find me there, but its really up to you if you want me to team up or fight me.

To administrate and upkeep a Server is quite expensive and time taking. If you want to support the server you can by donating with PayPal.

You can find more information about the Server here

Say Want to join our Discord group. Follow this link:


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