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Going on a new expedition summer 2022, with my Wife!

Updated: May 26, 2021

Im currently testing and buying some new gear and seraching for sponsors for a new adventure. I have now an account at Avantlink so you can look for me there. I will post more to this blog as soon as I get the gear.

I bought NorTents new Bivuakk that is a multipurpose tent tarp in SilNylon. Thought it might be a bit to big it have space for 3 persons. I like big tarps though and it has a Moquito net with a floorprint for two. The cool thing is that it is lightweight and easy to setup and unlike other tarps you can actually setup an oven inside too. I actually been outdoors with the tarp on overnight couple of times, me and my wife will be testing this tarp/tent in the next trips. Though we are not sure if we want to bring a tarp this big for the expedition yet. I might see if i can make a combination with this tarp and a 1 person tent to lower my weight though. Here is the first overnight with the Biviuakk.

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