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I`m now a A-licens skydiver!

Updated: Nov 2, 2019

We had to sell our house and had some money left for just me. Its been like 4 month since I last updated here. Moving to a new place, Spending time with family and been going to classes to take the A-license in skyding. Currently have 20 skydives, and I reached from AFF student to A-license student just in time when season for the club was over. Its been a lot of tests to pass, bad weather that have keep me waiting on the field, and a lot of new friends to get to know of.

But now that Im finish I also have more time to post some outdoors related videoes. I added a section for my website where I will log all the dives and post some more information. Skydiving is for mer a dream come true, I will continue to skydive and reach next goal there. Becoming a skydiver and advance can also lead me to an intructor job or perhaps even participate in championships. But its only a possibilty, for now I will just enjoy having my A-linsence though I need to wait and save some money to season start in april.

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