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Last Expedition Conclution

I want to share some thoughts about last sommers expedition. I mainly had to main problems with the Gear i brought. The Solar Panel i bought for the expedition though it was somekind of a extreme hard powerbank it did fail me and gave me problems the last days of the expedition. I will be replacing it, and I have contact the producer from Shame because its kinda the only one I could find that have a 12 v output and seems like an outdoors Powerbank. Also the Solar Panel didnt charge much either. Good this is that I have upgraded the drone to Mavic 2, and with the Fly More package you can actually use a batteri to charge devices.

Also the backpack 120 liter Norrona Pararanger though iuts a very good pack, it became pretty heavy after the Packraft and rain periods, I will problaby not recommend to use this kind of pack for Packrafting. I will be buying a 55 liters pack that is waterproof I think I will be going for Kifaru or the Hyperlight where the last is a Dyneema pack.

Im also not completly satified with the brand new Stellar Equipment Jacket I boguht for this trip, its got really wet some times, today Im trying to waterproof and repair it from burn holes from last trip using Type A Tear Aid. I will post a video on that.

Surely could have been carry little bit less camera gear in this trip as well, but its kinda important for making a good I video for my audience and I think I manage it well. Other than that I think I really nail the packing for the trip See the Expedition gear here

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