Political Science & how it releates to the future of Space Industry

This published work is my approved task on learning the European and Western World grow in our history. Its Political Science. I have concentrated my effort in using required curriculum literature in order to complete task given by my school, what make its more interessting is tough is I even tried to input some literature of relevance to make it match, and Im highly having space in the back of my head.

I barely touching the natural science wich I start with in norwegian, and I even conclude that we nee some thought of the need of a new industrial revolution, and where I believe will be happening in space, for the world. Though I dont really mention this, I dont want to become to off topic in order to complete the task of explainging the facts in our past history though the connection I see to space is very clear.

I will be posting and sharing my student works because using SoMe to the advange of all in the current information era. I think the world needs Social Innovator and Social Leadership and its urgent. I will need help from you, to make industries and the rest of world focus more on space. Space is for us all and for us all.


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