The Across Norway Trip & El Camino are about 90 % done planning!

Updated: Feb 12

I been doing alot of work on both the channel, I wich I rebranded from Wild and Survival to Daniel Martinez "Dani". And been basically planning for both El Camino and Across Norway for almost 9 month now. This Time its been alot to take care of such as selling old gear, getting new gear for both my wife, my stepfather well and myself. It requires extra planing since you have studies and kids to take care of as well. Both of the expedition trips are a bit different as well from the Anarjohka Expidition I had. This are going to be two long distance hikes where Across Norway is basically a small Thru Hike, while El Camino is longer but not really a thru hike. Its interesting since they going to be challanging for me and my walking "partners" or family. Most of the gear I had for the Anarjohka has been replaced with more lighter, newer or where I needed to fullfill some missing items. It might look as unesesary but its really not. Specially for me litterally having the Outdoors as my partime job beside studies. Though Gear is not super important for the overall trips, is important enough for documentation and good video footage, as well as not freezing to death or getting alot of blisters due wrong shoes or lack of alot of hike training. Recently I been focusing filming so called "Basecamp" videoes for the channel:

The video above, wich made my channel grow alot. And though this "basecamp" videoes is one category that is completly different from Thru hike plans for Across Norway or el Camino, Im really enjoying the time to take one or a couple of days deploying a Hot Tent before heading back for editing process back at home. I believe such Nomad Basecamps will be more common in the future, not only regarding spare time or family vacations, but maybe also due to challenges that faces this world...

And for sure there is something about just see how offgrid, and cozy you can get with such tents like this and relax too. It very much reminds me of my time in the army too so maybe its just that. I surely preffer Offgrid camps isntead of a full ongrid Cabins or Huts. NorTent is been a good partner for me, so for the Across Norway trip, I been lucky enough to help them develop an ultralight 1 and 2 person tents known as Vern 1 and Vern 2. I have recived the prototypes of the tents, wich they are finishing the last details also based on my feedback. Me and Nortent are not ready to show this tent in detail yet, but Im very glad I have the opportunity to provide feedback and have a sponsor like them. Here is an old blueprint I can at least show:

It might not look as much yet, but I can asure you this tent is pretty cool, 4 season and lightweight. And Specially designed for thru hikes across Norways weather and mountains!

Anyway the Across Norway gear list has now been published: And for el Camino as well, tohugh I might do some changes here after summer. What makes this alot of work is that you have to test your gear, as well to figure out how to be effective. I have created a system wich is how I organize this gear too at home or car. More on this on my channel later. But there is training to this as well, wich recently has included the whole family on more walks outdoors than usual. Its not easy when you have kids for sure, But I cant wait to show you whats up for the channel in the near upcomming month.

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