We aim for the stars, but many dont see the important messages it brings.

The recent manned SpaceX and NASA historic launch was an event the whole world saw, this is however only a "shadow" behind recent demonstrations and Corona headlines. Actually its quite normal to think about how small the space industry is and how low it interest is for many.

(Photo Credits: Top, Spacex Commerciaø Dragon Crew. Bottom, Vårt land Protest in Oslo after death of George Floyd, in pamdemic times)

This are uncertain times, and in a with world many different people, cultures, personalities, interests and personal and nation values, you have also alot of problems. Among them is pandemic viruses, racism, lack of work ect. From a personal level, to nationwide problems, we surely need something to look forward to. For many the little things in life are enough, but for others the big plans for the future are important to. Space is surely one pf those big plans, and thats why more and more people looks for the sky than ever before.

(Photo Credits: SpaceX, Next Gen. Starship SN4)

Space, is also yet something people need to understand in person, and see it for themself. Something only cosmonauts, astronauts, wealthy people and intuitive persons have. But our future as mankind is very much in need, of many traveling Space. This is where the big change happens, and we havent experience fully yet. The true frontier and borders are not the one we set to difference nations, the true frontier and border is outer space. To make the Moon and Mars a new place to live work, and share experience is our future, but space travel and seeing down to our home planet in a scale where many can share to eachother, that is what will change the world.

The real magic happens in Space Travel, with ordinary people. And hopefully this is what SpaceX's #dearMoon mission for artist onboard the next generation Spaceship will start, also problaby Virgin Galactic space tours.

(Photo Crredits: Virgin Galactic)

In Space it is space for all us, and actually we been floating on it all the time. Though its and unfriendly enviroment, we tend to survive and take opportunity where we can and so now we have the technology to make it. Space is though not for all, but for many more than we think (RIASEC Work guide theory), and actually its not longer for the brave either because many have allready risk their life for us in space so we can one day live there.

(Photo Credits: Art on SpaceX vision making multiplanetary spicies)

Why travel when we can be safe at home? As space travel becoming safer, and cheaper today we aim for the stars without seeing the important messages it brings, that is not only to explore learn new science, but also get new perpective in a world with 7,8 billion people (2020). It gives new work places and homes, new opportunities but smaller survival challenges. To travel space is also an importante insurance wich hopefully reminds us more often the problems we had, and have today and surely how fragile this world is.

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