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Wilderness adventures

In 2017 a year after I quit the army i was founding myself in the need to go back outdoors. This is when I started a YouTube channel named Wild and Survival. The channel reached 2021 has 4450 subscribers, but I made another channel with my own name since it was more natural not to only do survival videoes.. SInce I grow up outdoors, and had outdoor class in both pre school and high school, with 8 years of experience in the armed forces the outdoors been a natural path for me. Though its not always about survival its more an adventure channel more than anything Here you can find some of the terms i touched and that I have shared with the channels across the years. 

- Diving is the closest personal thing you can get to feel like youre flying. Its also the closest thing you can get to our life origin, where all started.

- What separates hunting to "everyday life", is simply choosing not to gather our food ourselfes but paying others to do it for you. Its kinda like modern survival, or evolution of humankind. To hunt is therefore not a sport, or a hobby, it is a very natural thing to do. 

- It was a matter of time, before I had to try. It is a risky extreme sport, but Im not really the one getting adrenaline kicks, its more calming and a good culture nice to be part of.

- I dream about untouch wilderness, I dream to actually live in the moment not beeing disturbed by anything other than me, and the great wilderness.

- I think there is alot of wisdom in nature that is mainly lost among society. Though nature also brings some challenges along the way, i think it also gives you more awereness, and energy in life

- This one of the biggest if not the biggest most historical trails in the world. I visited Santiago the Compostella several years, but now it was my turn to do my way.

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